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@Jesse Avellino

Jesse Avellino
  • Prénom : Jesse
  • Nom : Avellino
  • Âge-caméra : 35-45
  • Origine : Italien
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      General Information
    • Prénom : Jesse
    • Nom : Avellino
    • Sexe : Homme
    • Âge-caméra : 35-45
    • Date de naissance : 43
    • Non-Union : Non
    • NUMÉRO ACTRA : 06-06194
    • NUMÉRO UDA : 182448
    • Langues parlées : Anglais, Français, Italien
    • Origine : Italien
    • Vaccination : Oui
    • Talent particulier : Acting
    • Taille : 175cm
    • Poids : 180lbs
    • Cheveux : Brun
    • Yeux : Brun
    • Vêtement : M
    • Pantalon : 33
    • Chaussures : 11
    Jesse Avellino

    Jesse is an actor and singer with a wealth of experience in the interactive trade show industry, having participated in over 100 shows across North America over the past decade. In addition to this, Jesse has developed a strong social media presence as an Instagram content creator under the handle @ge.sili.o. Jesse's food video segments have received recognition from Zensa Media's online Cooking for Covid Competition, including the "Challah for French Toast" segment, which was shared with their American affiliate, Dragon Digital TV. Jesse has also pursued personal development in the performing arts, completing a 5-week Online Monologues Workshop at MSOPA in September 2020 and receiving personal coaching from Leigh Ann Taylor for a Live Action Theatre audition in May 2021, which resulted in a Callback. Most recently, Jesse appeared in Transplant season 2 as a Syrian prisoner in an intimate scene with lead actor Hamza Haq, earning Actra apprentice membership #AM-34287 as a result of their role. Jesse is currently available for auditions and offers personal coaching services with Actress/Coach Leigh Ann Taylor.

    10+ years of experience as Interactive trade show salesman with over 100 shows across North America

    April 2020 
    Instagram content creator, @ge.sili.o

    Food video segment “Challah for French Toast” recognized by Zensa Media for their online
    Cooking for Covid Competition, and shared with their American affiliate Dragon Digital TV
    Food video segment “Egg Sandwich” created specifically for Zensa Media and used for their
    online Cooking for Covid Competition

    September 2020
    MSOPA 5-week Online Monologues Workshop completed

    May 2021
    Received personal coaching from Leigh Ann Taylor for Live Action Theatre audition, followed with a

    August 2021
    Actor role on Transplant season2 as Syrian prisoner in intimate scene with lead actor Hamza Haq
    Received Actra apprentice membership #AM-34287

    Presently open for auditions with personal coaching available by Actress/Coach Leigh Ann Taylor

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